Outdoor Advertising

Graphilex is the leading company in Outdoor Advertising for Street Furniture offers a useful service to the community and at the same time an advertising medium. We cover 18 major cities and 12 highways, all over Egypt . The streets of Cairo look now more civilized than ever due to the Street Name Signs, Bus Stop Signs, Map Signs, Kilometer Indicator Signs and Traffic Awareness Signs, that are found everywhere in Egypt. Street Furniture enables advertising that connects with consumers on an intimate, face-to-face level. Options such as bench advertising and bus shelter advertising provide impact to a mass vehicular and pedestrian audience. Whether providing broad-based coverage in many markets or targeted to a single neighborhood, Street Furniture advertising is as perfect for branding as it is for packaged goods.
Street Name Signs
Map Signs
Directional Signs
Tramway Signs
Square Clocks
Kilometer Indicators
School Awerness Signs
Traffic Signs
Mega Signs
Guidance Signs
Car Shelters
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